Moore Family

Moore Family

Beau & Valerie Moore
Missionaries to Portugal

Baptist Bible Fellowship International

December 2023

One of the advantages of having an international church is all of the culture you experience without the expense of travel!  A family from Hong Kong (—————-) made us these fish to celebrate the Chinese New Year on February 10.  Fish because the character “Fish” (鱼) reads exactly the same as the character “Plenty”(余), with the idea of ushering in a prosperous new year of plenty.  They are made of a glutenous rice flour and have a mildly sweet taste with a chewy, gelatinous consistency that never quite dissolves in your mouth – ha ha.  Eventually, you swallow or spit ;o)

We are truly praying for a prosperous new year – that the Lord would bring spiritual harvest.  Please take a moment to pray for —- and his family – —- is unsaved, but comes every week and hears the gospel along with their 8 year old son, —–.  They immigrated to Portugal because —- felt very restricted in his Christian walk in Hong Kong and wanted freedom to raise his son as a Christian.  The first week they arrived, from their apartment balcony, they saw our people visiting with each other out in front of our church building and immediately came down and joined in, and haven’t missed since.

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