Boyle Family

Boyle Family

Alex & Nicole Boyle
Missionaries to South Africa

Biblical Ministries Worldwide

February 2024

              We have some exciting announcements! Rewind to 2018, when I first heard of Namibia and the need for theologically sound churches there. I started praying about where God would lead us for church-planting. Fast-forward to August 2023 when we had the chance to travel to Namibia and survey many of the towns and cities. During this trip we talked with waiters, town officials, school teachers, city planners, and pastors. People were very friendly and did their best to share about their country with us. At the end of the trip, we walked away with one main observation: Namibia is a country that is rife with works-based salvation. There is a great need for gospel preaching, grace-based salvation, and theologically sound churches. The majority of the population claims to be Christian; however, when pressed they default to answers summarized by “trying to be a good person,” and that “a loving God would not exclude anyone from heaven.”  Now, after many discussions with each other, wise counsellors and much prayer, Nicole and I have decided that we will obey the Lord in sharing the gospel and church-planting in the desert land of Namibia. In addition, we are excited to share that James & Anna Rossiter are teaming up with us to open this field! They have been dear friends for many years, and currently live in Wisconsin where James serves as an assistant pastor and Anna as a nurse in the local school system. In July they are joining Biblical Ministries Worldwide and starting deputation.                This May, we return to Africa to take an additional trip to Namibia as we seek to answer a few more details about the future. We also look forward to spending this next camp season at Paardeberg Mountain Retreat and being a part of the transition of the camp over to the new leadership. Our hope is to be a help in this time of transition and lessen the workload for the incoming couple. 
8 New Supporters: We asked you to pray with us that 15 churches or individuals would join us in financial partnership before May 2024. God is answering our prayers and we now have an additional 6 partners! This means our support level has increased by about 10% which brings us to 21% of our needed monthly support. 
Paardeberg Mountain Retreat (PMR) Roles: This past week we met with the PMR Trustees to discuss several different items including what this next camping season will hold. Please pray for us and the others involved as we write job descriptions that we would strive to be comprehensive and concise and that these job descriptions would provide clarity to the camp’s future leadership. 

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