Boyle Family

Boyle Family

Alex & Nicole Boyle
Missionaries to South Africa

Biblical Ministries Worldwide

April 2024

In March, we spent a few days at a supporting church. During their mid-week service, their pastor encouraged the congregation to be dependent on God. As Nicole and I listened, we were reminded of our testimony of the past months. Ours is a testimony to the goodness of God in our lives as we have depended on Him to provide our every need. When we started full-time deputation in September, we lived literally week by week from the gifts we were given by God’s people each Sunday. As we depended on God each day, He always provided a place for us to sleep, food for us to eat, and enough petrol for us to make it to the next church to share our ministry. We learned dependence on God, and we found Him faithful.

Praise the Lord, we have reached 41% of our needed monthly support! This means that most love gifts we receive can now be saved towards one-time costs we will face when we arrive to Namibia such as visas, flights, vehicle, housing, and other set-up costs. We continue to trust the Lord for our daily needs and are enabled to praise the Lord and rest in the knowledge that He will take care of us (Phil. 4:11-13, 19).

Since February, we have traveled and presented in Wyoming, Indiana, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and now Wisconsin again. When we can, we enjoy visiting national parks, monuments, and other attractions. The beauty of this Earth, even while cursed by sin, is breathtaking to observe.

Michal continues to grow and develop. Now a year and half old, she loves meeting new people and their pets. Dogs (or ‘dohgs’ as she pronounces it) are her favourite. Nicole is also speaking and teaching Michal some Afrikaans. Michal also loves to go up to people at churches and point herself out on our prayer card. We jokingly tell ourselves that churches and individuals are really choosing to partner with Michal for church-planting in Namibia, because of how outgoing she is! We are thankful for the joy she brings to us each day. We continue to present at churches until we leave for Africa on 8 May. We look forward to what the next two months hold and cannot wait to share with you all how God works while we are in Africa.

Prayer & Praises:

  1. 15 New Supporters: Since September, you have prayed with us that 15 churches or individuals would join us in financial partnership before May 2024. We have reached this goal and now have 15 new partners! We are grateful for those whose partnerships have made a huge dent in our monthly need. Continue to pray that the churches and individuals who have heard our presentation would prayerfully consider partnering with us in Gospel Ministry.
  2. Paardeberg Mountain Retreat (PMR): This year we transition PMR  over to new leadership. Please pray as we prepare camps with the incoming leadership. Camps run during June/July holidays. Also pray that young people would accept Christ as Savior and that spiritual growth would occur in both the volunteers’ and campers’ lives.
  3. Health: We continue to struggle with sickness. Over the past month, Nicole and Michal have only had a handful of days they weren’t sick. Just this past weekend, Nicole ended up going to the Emergency Room, but she is doing much better now. Pray that God would grant us good health, strengthened immune systems and protection from illness as we head over to face an African winter in just a couple weeks.
  4. Namibia Trip: In May we return to Namibia for three weeks with our new coworkers and our mission board’s Africa Field Director. Please pray for safety during our travels as we drive over 5,000 miles during this time. Pray also for wisdom and seeing eyes to gather more information for our eventual move here. Though not the main purpose of the trip, please do pray for opportunities to share the Gospel as our ultimate goal is to see the salvation of Namibians.


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