Thomas Family

Thomas Family

Gil & Denise Thomas
Good Soil Evangelism

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

April 2024

             We are so grateful to you for your prayers and support. We continue to thank God for your faithfulness. Please pray for people with whom we have been having weekly Bible Studies. Over the past months, we have had weeks in which we led as many as seven Bible studies per week! Sometimes it’s draining, but so rewarding as well. Pray especially for Charity (a single woman), Clark and Adam (a dad and his son), Nancy, Chris, and Marcy (a mom, teenage son, and 20 something daughter), and Ron and his family of four – not their real names. Each of those people seem close to trusting Christ as savior. Pray that the gospel will be clear, and that God will draw them to Himself.

               Denise is working hard on Adventures in the Roots of Faith. Some of you may be familiar with The Roots of Faith (Old and New Testament courses for adults and teens which unfold the story of a perfect world that became cursed by sin and the giving of promises regarding a Jewish King who would become the Savior of the world). Last year we came out with The Roots of Faith Middle School which provided the same curriculum for 5th through 8th graders. Now, Denise is trying to get a version of The Roots of Faith ready for elementary children. This is a huge task! Please be praying for her to be able to get the teacher’s guide and the kids’ take-home papers all finished. We’ve been working with Karen Weitzel and Edie Cunningham (who developed the curriculum for kids from the adult version). When this is finished, a church will be able to have teachers of all levels going through the same Bible events and lessons at the same time.

                Denise will also be working with translators to get the Arabic version of The Story of Hope and The Message of Hope finished and in print. Denise did not study graphic design or layout in college. She and her colleague, Glorianne, have learned a lot (sometimes through trial and error!) and are contributing so much to Good Soil resources by doing this type of work. Please pray for them as they seek to get these new resources and translations of resources ready for print. It is hard, frustrating work, for which we are grateful.

April 19-21, Gil will be at Faith Baptist Church in Wilmington, DE, teaching Good Soil Evangelism & Discipleship with Chris Christensen. Chris has served as a missionary overseas for several years and is now changing fields. He hopes to use Good Soil resources and training in the Caribbean, his new field of service. Please ask God to use this training event in Delaware to equip believers in this church to reach people around them and make disciples.

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