Gibson Family

Gibson Family

Adam & Melissa Gibson
Missionaries to Portugal

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

October 2023

Praise: • Great church visits. • Churches voting to support or raise our support • Seeing old friends

Prayer: • We are short $1,050 on our monthly support • To raise funds for new church building in Portugal • For continued safety on the road • Continued good health during our travels

Driving and Change: Furlough can be described in many different ways. But for those of us who have ever been involved in overseas missions, furlough is not a time of exciting road trips. There are a lot of fun things we have been able to be involved with at the many different churches we have visited. At one of our supporting churches in Titusville, I, Adam, had the opportunity to take my first airboat ride through some of Floridas hidden beautiful places that most do not know even exists. Of course having kids we try to make it fun for them, so we try to fit in things for them so that they see it as a fun time. It is tough at times going to different churches every weekend and Wednesday’s because they do not have the chance to make new friends, and the friends they have in Portugal are having birthdays and things that they are missing. Our kids are tough and love adventure so we praise the Lord for that, but sometimes you just want to be home, you want something constant in your life. I cannot thank the churches that we have visited enough for making our kids feel special when we come to visit. I cannot start to give examples because this update would be very very long. Since our last letter we have been traveling all over FL visiting different churches every weekend. The last week of September we drove up to N. Georgia, (where Adam is from) to visit his family and visit other churches. We will be here through the end of October then head back down to FL to continue our “church tour”. There are so many special people we want to see as well as other churches we want to visit, but with our time schedule we cannot do everything. I believe that is one of the hardest things about furlough because there are so many people and churches that we want to spend time with but we also want to hurry up and get back to Portugal and the people we have left over there (not down there haha). Provision: We are so thankful for your prayers and how God has been blessing us during all of our travels. We have dodged bad drivers, had to deal with crazy people who have random road rage, traffic on the interstate that comes to a complete stop for no reason at all (that was a shout out to 285 in north Atlanta), as well as driving through the night to get where we are going to present, and stopping at so many different gas stations for gas and to stretch our legs. I know for many of you this is not a new thing, but for us, Buc-ee’s is a new thing. Never have I spent more money inside the gas station as I spent on gas outside, but oh man that day came the first time we stopped there. At least the bathrooms were absolutely spotless haha. God has blessed us at every church we have presented in. We know that many of them are praying about taking us on for monthly support or raising our monthly support. Would you pray with us that we would see a great increase in our support. We have see God provide in the past and know that He is able to do it again. Thank you for your support, your prayers and your love. We cannot say enough about how we are thankful for how God has used you in the past 8 years of us being in Portugal. To God be the glory!

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